New Book by Shai Bardin and Carolyn Rogers

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Exhale: A Collection of Moments
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What started out as a two-week visit to Harrison County by a remarkable student writer from NYC partnered with a recent photojournalism graduate from Ohio University during the summer of 2019 is now a remarkable collection of poems and photographs by Shai Bardin and Carolyn Rogers.

"Exhale: A Collection of Moments" is a special limited-edition 80-page-hardback book. 150 copies of the limited-edition book are each signed by the authors and now available along with a collection of limited-edition prints by Carolyn Rogers.

Congrats Carolyn and Shai on this fabulous work!

Many hands helped make this happen and special thanks to Madison Photo Works and Mick Cochran and Ki Smith Gallery and Karen Schulman-Bear, Neil Rush and Alex Barnett, Andrew Fingerman and Lisa Bardin and Myrtle Bell Gruber and Jeff Swensen in helping make this project happen! And thank you Harrison County!


Dawn to Dusk Photo Invitational 2019

“Today” in Harrison County in 24 Hours

What started out as a friendly photo challenge among the 2018 Boyd's Station Reinke Grant for Visual Storytelling recipients Arden Barnes and Michael Swensen and friends has grown into the 2nd Annual Boyd's Station Dawn to Dusk Photo Invitational held from July 12 -14, 2019 in Harrison County, Kentucky.

The original concept by Boyd’s Station Reinke Grant recipients Michael Swensen and Arden Barnes in 2018 was to invite friends to come to Harrison County for a small, friendly photo contest.

Jack Gruber from Boyd’s Station offering Harrison County directions and advice to Ohio University’s Carolyn Rogers at the start of Dawn to Dusk. Photo by Jenny Jones

That idea morphed into the Boyd's Station Dawn to Dusk competition last year with an official theme announced just hours before the event for the student photographers to interpret - in their own visual essay and words - the poem “Where I’m From” by Kentucky poet laureate George Ella Lyon over a 24 hour period in 2018.

The second annual Boyd’s Station Dawn to Dusk Photo Invitational theme announced on Friday, July 12, 2019 at 9PM was for the participants to interpret the word “Today” in ten photographs and words during the 24-hour period on Saturday, July 13 with judging at 11AM on Sunday, July 14 at the Rohs Opera House.

Reinke Grant photographer Stephanie Amador from Ball State University as the sun rises on Dawn to Dusk. Photo by Jack Gruber

Students taking part in the 2019 challenge were Reinke Grant photographers Michael Johnson from Ohio University, Stephanie Amador from Ball State University, Nathaniel Bailey from Kent State University and Boyd’s Station Mary Withers Rural Writing fellow Margaret Heltzel from Ohio University. Joining the group were Boyd’s Station Emerging Storytelling scholar Shai Bardin from St. Ann’s School in Brooklyn, NY along with Carolyn Rogers and Michael Swensen from Ohio University.

Participants and judges at the historic Rohs Opera House during the judging on Sunday, July 14, 2019. Photo by Jack Gruber

Judging the event were Nancy Farmer from Harrison County, Dr. Neil Rush from Cynthiana, Jenny Jones, visiting professional writer from Washington, DC, photojournalists Michael Keating, Gary Landers, both formerly of the Cincinnati Enquirer and photojournalist Pete Marovich from Washington, DC.

The overall winner of the Boyd’s Station Dawn to Dusk Photo Invitational was Boyd’s Station 2019 Reinke Grant recipient Stephanie Amador from Ball State University. She was awarded the overall top prize and a cash award of $300. Second place was Nathaniel Bailey from Kent State with a $200 prize and third place was Michael Johnson from Ohio University winning $100.

Best of Show by Michael Johnson

The best of show single image from the event was by 2019 Reinke Grant photographer Michael Johnson from Ohio University and the best words submission was by 2018 Reinke Grant recipient Michael Swensen. Each taking home $100 for their work.

Along with the judging at Rohs Opera House and photography equipment insight courtesy of Nick Henry from Roberts Camera from Indianapolis, Washington, DC based photojournalist Pete Marovich presented a collection of his work to the students including his Shadows of the Gullah Geechee documentary project which includes images now included in the Smithsonian Museum of African American History and Culture.

None of this would be possible without the generous and amazing support from Nikon and their tremendous support in providing gear for Project 306.36 each year along with sponsors Photoshelter, Madison Photoworks, Roberts Camera and Ki Smith Galllery in NYC! Boyd’s Station thanks you!

The Words


The invitational theme that was the basis of the competition was announced to participants on Friday, July 12 at 9PM.

That theme was to interpret the word “today” in words and photos in a 24-hour period.

The time period to interpret the theme began at 12:01AM, Saturday, July 13 lasting for a 24- hour time period ending at 11:59PM on Saturday, July 13.

Photographs could only be taken during that time period.

All photos must have been taken in Harrison County, Kentucky.

PLACE+SPACE Artists Want to Create Art With Your Old Furniture

A great article by our friends over at the Cynthiana Democrat talking about the work of artists Ryan Bock and Axel Cajas. The two New York City based artists are in Harrison County as part of the PLACE+SPACE artist residence program at Boyd’s Station during the month of April.

This amazing work being created in Boyd will be on exhibit in New York City at the Ki Smith Gallery in October 2019 showing the work made directly from local Harrison County furniture pieces donated by Clifford Craig Heritage Farm.

You can be part of this amazing project as well!

If you have any older wooden furniture such as chairs or bed frames that you would consider donating to Ryan and Axel for their work, they would love to have additional pieces of furniture from Harrison County to incorporate into this collection.

You can reach out to Ryan Bock directly at 914-483-9502 letting him know what you might have to donate to this project.

Don’t hesitate to reach out and let them know what you might have that will make this collection of work special.

CONTACT RYAN BOCK at 914-483-9502!

Paddle8 Benefit Auction

Paddle8 Benefit Auction Ending Soon!


Down to the last few days of bidding on some amazing images hosted at this Paddle8 Boyd’s Station Benefit Print Auction supporting the Boyd’s Station Project 306.36 Documentary program and the Reinke Grant for Visual Storytelling and the Mary Withers Rural Writing Fellowship. If you are a fan of what Boyd's Station has been working to make happen for student journalists and artists, please SHARE this link to this benefit print auction benefiting Boyd's Station hosted by our friends over at Paddle8.

Check out the Boyd’s Station Benefit Auction at Paddle8 here:

Take a look and bid at the Paddle8 auction here:

The more you SHARE, the more the word gets out about this benefit making this a big success for Boyd's Station.

This is the second time the arts and visual documentary nonprofit Boyd's Station has partnered with Paddle8 for a benefit auction hosting a collection of some amazing and not usually seen works by dozens of photojournalists available for bidding!

Dozens of photojournalists offered up work for this benefit, actually, more work was graciously offered than we could accommodate in this benefit! It is great to have so many friends of Boyd's Station program offering to help out! We can't thank all of you enough as well as our great friends at Madison Photo Works in Covington, Kentucky who have graciously provided all of the printing services for this benefit auction.

PLACE+SPACE Welcomes NYC Artists Ryan Bock and Axel Cajas

mosque dc.JPG

Boyd's Station is kicking off the PLACE+SPACE residence program welcoming New York City artists Ryan Bock and Axel Cajas arriving in Harrison County and Boyd's Station.

Both Ryan and Axel will be working out of the Boyd’s Station Shop Studio Space all of April creating work from found local items and materials.

The Clifford Craig Heritage Farm is supporting this first official Boyd's Station PLACE+SPACE residency by opening up a 100-plus year-old home on the property and welcoming the two artists to choose stored and forgotten furniture to be used in their created work while in Boyd as well as other welcoming the artists to explore and find other elements from the Boyd farm and the woods on the farm's property.

Boyd's Station and the Ki Smith Gallery are partnering to support these artists. Ryan's work created in Harrison County will be exhibited at the Ki Smith Gallery in New York City in October 2019.