New Book by Shai Bardin and Carolyn Rogers

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Exhale: A Collection of Moments
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What started out as a two-week visit to Harrison County by a remarkable student writer from NYC partnered with a recent photojournalism graduate from Ohio University during the summer of 2019 is now a remarkable collection of poems and photographs by Shai Bardin and Carolyn Rogers.

"Exhale: A Collection of Moments" is a special limited-edition 80-page-hardback book. 150 copies of the limited-edition book are each signed by the authors and now available along with a collection of limited-edition prints by Carolyn Rogers.

Congrats Carolyn and Shai on this fabulous work!

Many hands helped make this happen and special thanks to Madison Photo Works and Mick Cochran and Ki Smith Gallery and Karen Schulman-Bear, Neil Rush and Alex Barnett, Andrew Fingerman and Lisa Bardin and Myrtle Bell Gruber and Jeff Swensen in helping make this project happen! And thank you Harrison County!