Boyd's Station Benefit Auction Bidding Now Open

If you are a fan of what Boyd's Station has been working to make happen for student journalists and artists, please SHARE this link to this benefit print auction benefiting Boyd's Station hosted by our friends over at Paddle8.

Check out the Boyd’s Station Benefit Auction at Paddle8 here:

The more you SHARE, the more the word gets out about this benefit making this a big success for Boyd's Station.

View the Paddle8 auction here:

This is the second time the arts and visual documentary nonprofit Boyd's Station has partnered with Paddle8 for a benefit auction hosting a collection of some amazing and not usually seen works by dozens of photojournalists available for bidding!

Dozens of photojournalists offered up work for this benefit, actually, more work was graciously offered than we could accommodate in this benefit! It is great to have so many friends of Boyd's Station program offering to help out! We can't thank all of you enough as well as our great friends at Madison Photo Works in Covington, Kentucky who have graciously provided all of the printing services for this benefit auction.