PLACE+SPACE Artists Want to Create Art With Your Old Furniture

A great article by our friends over at the Cynthiana Democrat talking about the work of artists Ryan Bock and Axel Cajas. The two New York City based artists are in Harrison County as part of the PLACE+SPACE artist residence program at Boyd’s Station during the month of April.

This amazing work being created in Boyd will be on exhibit in New York City at the Ki Smith Gallery in October 2019 showing the work made directly from local Harrison County furniture pieces donated by Clifford Craig Heritage Farm.

You can be part of this amazing project as well!

If you have any older wooden furniture such as chairs or bed frames that you would consider donating to Ryan and Axel for their work, they would love to have additional pieces of furniture from Harrison County to incorporate into this collection.

You can reach out to Ryan Bock directly at 914-483-9502 letting him know what you might have to donate to this project.

Don’t hesitate to reach out and let them know what you might have that will make this collection of work special.

CONTACT RYAN BOCK at 914-483-9502!