2nd Annual Middle of Nowhere Folio Review 2014



It is official……

Boyd’s Station Inc. is now officially designated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

So what does this mean?

It means Boyd’s Station is going to celebrate the great news by hosting the 2nd annual “Middle of Nowhere Folio Critique” on Sunday, August 17 in Boyd, Kentucky (Harrison County).

Event is free and you can get more info and register here by emailing Jack Gruber at info@boydsstation.com.

Check out last year’s event in Boyd. http://goo.gl/LzYr5y

Basic idea of what Boyd’s Station is all about here: http://boydsstation.tumblr.com/about

Are you just back from a summer internship or have you been working on a long term project before the start of fall classes or do you just want to get your work seen, here is a great opportunity to get a portfolio critique by a few folks with a few years in the photojournalism business while also lending a helpful hand helping Boyd’s Station get a few projects closer to completion.

Cincinnati Enquirer photojournalist Gary Landers and USA TODAY photographer Jack Gruber will be at the ready to look at work with some kind but firm advice and more than likely, there will be some telling of some very large tales from the days of photojournalism yesteryear. We are hoping to twist a few arms of some other “TooBeAnnounced” newspaper shooters to offer up some evening critiques as well and maybe show some work. We will keep updating as things as things get closer so be sure to “LIKE” this page and follow Boyd’s Station for updates.


At last year’s inaugural “Middle of Nowhere Folio Critique” event, we were able to completely prime and paint in one day the first home that will be utilized by Boyd’s Station to provide free artist residence and studio space. That home is now 99% complete and ready for some finish detail work and moving in of furniture.


Between old photo stories about the good old days and repainting a few walls following a wayward 2-year-old with a paint brush during last year’s gathering, a few student photographers definitely got their money’s worth. Those brave ones had portfolios viewed later in the evening, dissected, ripped and torn apart and mostly, thoughtfully and seriously looked over and given some brilliant advice by some pretty decent photo guys. Thanks Tom Stanford!

This year with your help, we are moving down the road and jumping into work on the first Boyd’s Station studio space- a former general store now needing a purge. If you’re a college student, you have all the skills needed. Moving stuff from one room into another. Just like moving back into the dorm following summer break. Nothing too heavy or too intense. If you have some painting skills, you will be most appreciated! 

So, spend a day helping knock out some projects and the payoff will be a night of kicking back on the farm getting some great feedback to your own work while also getting to check out some terrific work from your PJ college buddies just back from awesome summer internships. Hopefully weather cooperates and we can host some of the night chats back on the pond by firelight!

Show up early Sunday, August 17 with your friends or come solo and make some new ones but show up ready to get your hands dirty for a good cause and then get ready to have some fun looking at some great work in the evening.

We will have plenty of food for the masses and if you are coming from a long distance, give us a shout and we can figure things out about possible accommodations or other ideas such as pitching tents or camping.

If you are interested in making the trip to Boyd, please, let us know by email at info@boydsstation.com or you can call Jack Gruber at 703-901-1810 to let us know you are coming but email is best. 

Getting in touch by email will be the best way for us to keep a tally of the number of people planning to attend as well as a way of keeping you updated and forwarding you directions to the farm in Boyd.

Thanks and hope to see you in Boyd and don’t forget to “like” the Boyd’s Station facebook page!

Don’t forget to check out the Boyd’s Station facebook page to register here at the event page and check for updates: And you can always contact Jack Gruber by email at info@boydsstation.com.