Luke Sharrett is a freelance photographer based in Louisville, Kentucky. He’s not very good at writing about himself in the third person, so please bear with him. Luke graduated from Western Kentucky University in 2013 and had a couple cool internships shooting photos for Norfolk Southern Railroad and The New York Times. He’s a got a wonderful wife (who’s better at portraits than he is) and a baby boy (who is more fun than flying on Air Force One)

Luke is currently the self-proclaimed unofficial bourbon, tobacco, and horse racing correspondent for publications such as The New York Times, Washington Post, Getty Images, and Bloomberg News. Luke is also an “award-winning” photojournalist in the sense that he thinks he as a plaque or county fair ribbon in an old shoe box somewhere. The point is, he probably won an award for something somewhere along the way and it surely gave him meaning and purpose in life. If nothing else he was voted “best photographer” in his high school yearbook, or so the story goes. 

When not fulfilling his wildly glamorous duties as a button-pusher for hire, Luke can be found changing diapers, jogging once every two weeks, or hanging out down by the train tracks watching freight trains. He wouldn’t be where he is without people investing in him, forgiving his mistakes, and constantly pointing him in the right direction.