Boyd's Station CREATIVE Individual Residency

By accepting this creative residence at Boyd's Station, the artist commits and promises to develop a particular body of work at Boyd's Station with a clear expectation of achieving an exhibition output or completion of work to further a sustainable career in the arts.


The CREATIVE RESIDENT is required to offer one of the following:

By accepting this creative residence at Boyd's Station, the artist, with consideration and agreement from Boyd's Station, agrees to one (or mutually agreed different form of public outreach other than listed below) of the following with specifics to be agreed mutually by both artist and Boyd's Station.

  • A public talk on their work
  • A workshop
  • An exhibition


absolute Residence Requirements:

  • Agree to attending a Boyd’s Station welcome and safety orientation on DAY ONE of residence in Boyd.
  • There are no housing rental fees payable by the artist to Boyd's Station during the period of residence.
  • Artists will abide by all local, state, and federal laws during the residency. Any creative residency may be cancelled immediately for inappropriate behavior, serious disregard for safety, or failure to comply with Boyd's Station regulations.
  • Pets are NOT permitted.
  • Facilities and structures at Boyd's Station are 100% smoke free.
  • The artist must ensure a cooperative and non-hostile live-work environment.  Failure to maintain an environment which hinders other Boyd's Station residents or staffs ability to conduct business or personal pursuits free from fear, intimidation or harm, that artist's residence will be terminated immediately. 
  • No stipend is offered (currently) to PLACE+SPACE residences participants, and no art materials are supplied.
  • A landline phone with long distance coverage in the U.S. and utility costs (water, heat, electricity) costs are provided and paid by Boyd's Station.
  • Free Internet is provided and accessible via wifi connection is available.
  • Artists will need to have their own transportation. 
  • Artist may invite day-guests whenever they like. Guests who spend the night, however, are limited to stays no longer than 5 consecutive days and must share the residents' rooms along with obtaining the consent of other residents sharing the house. 
  • Boyd's Station staff, or Owner (Clifford Craig Heritage) of Boyd's Station utilized properties and facilities shall enter the primary residence living residences ONLY for inspection of "the house" between 8 am. and 7pm. after giving 24 hours notice, or with the artists consent given at any time of entry, or in an emergency, or for repairs and maintenance from 8am. to 7pm.
  • Creative residents will make NO renovation, redecoration, or alterations, intentionally or carelessly damage or permit damage to the house or studio space and creative residents will be financially liable for any costs for repair of non-authorized or non-permitted renovation, redecoration, alterations or intentional/carless damage.
  • Creative residents will not disturb the neighbors or community.


The CREATIVE RESIDENT at Boyd's Station will:

  • Cover their own living costs and provide their own food and replenish supplies themselves as needed.
  • Be self sufficient and bring with them any tools, materials or equipment they need.
  • Keep the residence and studio spaces clean and tidy.
  • Use the house for residential purposes only.
  • Provide own cellphone if desired. Cellphone coverage and service is limited in this rural area.
  • Inform Boyd's Station as soon as possible of any damage to the house of residence or studio spaces in need of repairs.
  • Live and work full time in the house and studio spaces throughout the term of the agreement.
  • Acknowledge Boyd's Station in any work the artist may publish, create or produce as a result ofthe residency.
  • Be required to offer; a public talk on their work, a workshop, mentor a local artist, or organize a residency exhibition.
  • Grant Boyd’s Station the right to use the artist's name, likeness, images of and extracts from, the artists work created during the term of this agreement, for use in any publicity, reports or projects of Boyd’s Station.


The CREATIVE RESIDENT LEAVING THE PROPERTies and the BOyd's Station CREATIVE ResidenCE program Will:

  • Return all sets of keys to the agent(s) of Boyd’s Station. 
  • All washable surfaces are cleaned and the studio spaces, and house are in the order, and tidy as you found it.
  • All appliances are working and clean.
  • All light bulbs work
  • Outside is clean and swept.
  • Be responsible for any loss or damage.
  • Leave the house, its grounds clean and tidy, and clear of any rubbish, and all possessions removed, at the end of the term of this agreement.
  • Within 5 days of the expiry date of this agreement, the creative resident will provide a written evaluation of the residency. Boyd’s Station welcomes any ideas, questions or critique that will support our future growth and development.
  • At the completion of the residency, both parties will sign off after a property inspection.