Mary Elizabeth Withers, 69, passed away on Sunday, March 11, 2018, at her home in Boyd, Kentucky. A life-long Harrison County resident, Mary was instrumental in the founding of Boyd’s Station serving as one of the founding board of directors. Mary was a passionate supporter of the historic Boyd Methodist Church, the arts, education and Harrison County, Kentucky.

She is truly missed.
— Boyd's Station

I was the 5th child of six. I was named after a very dear friend of my mother’s Mary Elizabeth Bell. Ms Bell was a citizen of Boyd and a teacher at Berry Elementary. 

The Withers family have been in the Boyd community since 1920.

After high school, I attended Midway Junior College. Here I was introduced to young ladies from Eastern Kentucky and international students from China. I also realized, I enjoyed learning. 

To continue college, I sat out a year or two, I worked on the family farm. The tobacco crops, dairy cattle, beef cattle helped with college expenses. It wasn’t all work. I was rewarded by watching a young nephew grow and learn in his own right.

After receiving a BA from Eastern Kentucky University, I worked in Richmond, KY until the classroom called again. I received a teaching certificate and returned to the farm. I substituted for the Harrison County schools and again watched nephew Ben mature and grow into a scholar. At this time, the Boyd church became an unpaid career, one that continues to give enjoyment and meaning to life.

I received a MA from Northern Kentucky University in 1984, the same year I began a postal service career. Still helping out on the family farm. The farm received the Master Conservation award in 2006 for the various programs implemented over the years.

My most pleasurable life achievement has been Ben C Withers, PHD. 

It is an honor to be associated with Boyd's Station.  I look forward to share the beauty and tranquility of those coming to Boyd to further their talents.

 - Mary Withers, lifelong resident of Boyd, Kentucky and a founding member of Boyd's Station