Phaedra Singelis joined the multimedia team of as the manager for the east coast multimedia team.

 Singelis took a brief break from multimedia prior to joining MSNBC at The New York Times where she was the National Picture Editor and covered such events as hurricane Katrina and the Supreme Court nominations of John Roberts and Samuel Alito.

 Prior to joining the Times she was Deputy Managing Editor for Multimedia at where she had been producing multimedia since 1999 and was responsible for content development. In that role she also acted as the liaison between the online product and the newspaper's award-winning photojournalism department.

 Singelis also worked as a picture editor at the Baltimore Sun and as a staff photographer at the Cleveland Plain Dealer and The Cincinnati Enquirer.

 Singelis attended Ohio University's school of Visual Communication and has been a guest speaker at the University and The Poynter Institute. She has also been a guest teacher with the University of North Carolina, whose students produced awarding winning multimedia projects. She served as a judge for several photojournalism contests and won a few herself, including some for her multimedia work.