Boyd’s Station - a Kentucky nonprofit 501c(3) organization - promotes a rural and serene environment to “live free and create” through various programs to pursue individual craft without distraction in a supportive community of creators all working to create self-sustaining careers in the arts.

Boyd’s Station artist and documentary opportunities are not intended as artist retreats. If anything, the residency opportunities should be characterized as ‘helping hands” to artists unable to fully pursue their vision due in part to basic financial constraints or lack of adequate creative space. 

The overall hope of Boyd’s Station is to create a “community of collaboration” among diverse artists fostering an environment for creation of real, individual works for the benefit of the artist financially and professionally while bringing the gift of art to the community of Boyd and Harrison County, Kentucky.

The community of Boyd was founded and built upon agriculture. Today, farming is still the economic engine of Harrison County but dramatically less than in the past. 

Boyd’s Station takes advantage of a collection of properties in the small town of Boyd, Kentucky seeking to revitalize this community by creating a sustaining circle for the benefit of artists as well as the residents of one of Kentucky’s original settlement towns.