STEPHANIE AMADOR | Dawn To Dusk 2019

Journal Entry July 13, 2019 

I’m going on spaceship tomorrow, I don’t know when I’ll be back. 

The world as I see it now has small intimate moments. Happiness, friendship, love… I don’t want to take things for granted. I’m leaving the world tomorrow and today are my final moments to see what makes us human.  

What makes us feel.  

Why do we care.  

Where do we call home?  

We live in a domino theory world. When people show their affections towards others, they create an impact in the community. Small, but powerful. A baby cries and it’s mother holds it until it sleeps. An old man forgets his memory and his son picks berries to make him an unforgettable wildberry pie.  

Families have the greatest effect on their children. Treat each other with kindness and love and you will receive it back. If you hug and kiss your mothers goodbye and tell them that you love them, then they have a reason to come back.  

Today is my last day to embrace that family aspect, of what it means to be loved and held. A simple kiss on the cheek or an arm around the shoulder, sparks a feeling of happiness; “you are loved.”  

Today, I will not rush or pressure myself to succeed but to learn from the people.  

Why should we care about the community?  

Why should we respect the culture? 

The people should be seen as family collaborators. As a photographer, my mission today is to use my skills to find the heart of the story, convey authenticity, intimacy and just show that I care.  

Today is that day to make a difference.  

Stephanie Amador, Ball State University | The 2019 Reinke Grant for Visual Storytelling at Boyd’s Station



The second annual Boyd’s Station Dawn to Dusk Photo Invitational theme announced on Friday, July 12, 2019 at 9PM invited participants to interpret the theme “Today” in ten photographs and words during the 24-hour period of Saturday, July 13 with judging immediately on Sunday, July 14 at the Rohs Opera House.

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